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There are times in life when self-care is a convenience, and times when it is a necessity.


We here at PressCise are proud to offer bandages and compression systems that empower our patients to manage their health from the safety and comfort of their own homes.


How it works

Our products

Lundatex medical_black.png
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Lundatex® medical provides a lighter compression and can be used to increase the venous circulation at oedema, minor varices (varicose veins), or postoperatively and as support after treatment of muscle injuries.

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Lundatex® sock can be used on its own or in combination with Lundatex® medical or system to achieve different results.

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Lundatex system_ren.png

Lundatex® system enhances the calf muscle pumping function and improves the venous return. Suitable for patients with venous insufficiency and leg ulcers.

Lundatex stocking_blk.png
Lundatex stocking_ny REN.png

Lundatex® stocking provides safe, comfortable pressure at all times, whether at rest or when active, regardless of leg size/shape.  It is easy to put on and ensures a precise pressure even after oedema reduction.

New presslock - transparent.png

PressLock® is a new fastening device which ensures a reliable and skin-friendly closure of the bandage end. The product is made of a hook-and-loop material and is reusable.


Internationally awarded innovations

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WHUWS 2020_high res.png
Best Product - Medical Textiles.jpg
4. Future Textile Awards 2018 Lundatex s


    The art of vein therapy

        2017 Phlebology 

      Innovation Awards

Journal of Wound Care Awards 2020: "Most Innovative Dressing or Device"

Future Textile Awards 2018: "Best Innovation - Medical Textiles"

Journal of Wound Care Awards 2017: "Most Innovative Product"

Future Textiles Awards 2017: "Best Product – Medical Textiles"

Venartis Innovation Award 2017

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