A compression system developed for venous insufficiency and leg ulcers

The product provides a low, safe resting pressure and a high, effective working pressure. This enhances the calf muscle's pumping function, hence improving the venous return and ejection fraction. The system can also be used on patients with mixed ulcers due to the low resting pressure.


The underlying bandage Lundatex® medical provides a safe and well-defined resting pressure of 20 mmHg. The PressPatch™ adheres to the bandage material without adding pressure in the resting position. However, when the patient is standing or walking, the PressPatches™ create a stiff layer, providing a high effective working pressure of >40 mmHg.

FixPatch™ is used to close the system in the front, and is developed for the maintenance of pressure over time. This is easily done before bed rise every morning, simply by opening up and closing the FixPatch™ in the front. By opening the front, the surrounding PressPatches™ adapt to the changes in limb size, hence they provide a consistent pressure also over time.




“The correction of the FixPatch™ each morning,

however, maintained the working pressure

level over seven days.”


-Damm J, Lundh T, Partsch H, Mosti G, “An innovative compression system

providing low, sustained resting pressure and high, efficient working

pressure”,Veins and Lymphatics 2017; volume 6:6627, pages 10-11.