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Low resting pressure and high working pressure

As the patches are attached to the bandage without applying a stretching force, the resting pressure stays close to the underlying bandage pressure. The inelastic material of the patches helps to improve the calf muscle pump during movement, resulting in the ejection fraction being enhanced.


First, the Lundatex® bandage is applied to give a safe and precise pressure. The pictures below show dynamic measurement of a bandage with a pre-defined pressure level of 20 mmHg. Note that there is little change in pressure during movement, hence the SSI (Statistic Stiffness Index) is very low.

Secondly, PressPatch™ is applied outside the bandage, to create a stiff "shell" around the leg. This clearly improves the ejection fraction and hemodynamic effect during movement. Note that the resting pressure still stays close to 20 mmHg (23 mmHg), but that the SSI has improved from 1 mmHg to 29 mmHg.

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