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Upcoming Events

Upcoming event, February 21-26, 2021

JWC Awards (Virtual Event)

PressCise's Lundatex stocking was shortlisted for the award of Most Innovative Device for the 2020 JWC Awards.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Awards will be presented over a whole week, where announced winners will have their recorded interviews presented, along with educational webinars. The winner for PressCise's stocking category will be announced on Sunday 21st February, 2021! For more information, see the JWC website at

Upcoming event, April 13-14, 2021:

Engineering Health 2021

CEO Andreas Nilsson and CTO Josefin Damm will be presenting at the Engineering Health 2021 seminary hosted by Chalmers University of Technology located in Gothenburg, Sweden this upcoming spring. 

More information is forthcoming; in the meantime, you can visit the event's website at

Upcoming event, March 2022:

WUWHS 2020, Abu Dhabi, UAE

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the WUWHS 2020 conference as described below, has been deferred to Spring 2022. More updates to come as they arise.

PressCise will be in attendance at the World Union of Wound Healing Societies' WUWHS 2020 convention in Abu Dhabi, UAE from MArch 8 - 12.  In addition to attending, PressCise CEO Andreas Nilsson will be presenting the abstract, "SELF-CARE AND FITTING OF NEW ‘SMART-TEXTILE’ COMPRESSION STOCKING”.