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About us

Company  History

PressCise was born from a lack of control in the pressure given by existing compression products.



Our broad range of professional experience helps to inspire an innovative team dynamic.

Board of


Meet the professionals who help to make PressCise a strong and well-rounded organization.


We would love to hear from you! Contact any one of our team members if you have an inquiry.

“I feel very comfortable and safe when I’m wearing the Lundatex® Bandage.”

- Patient being treated for leg ulcer at S2Clinic, Linköping, Sweden


Our vision

Business idea

Based on novel research and cross-disciplinary collaboration between medicine, mathematics and textile technology, we develop innovative compression products for a global market.



Our vision is to continuously develop innovative, smart and user-friendly compression products for a global market.



To improve patient quality of life by providing excellent compression therapy products.


Core business

Our R&D is based on well-known compression problems. In the intersection between medical expertise, advanced mathematics and textile technology, we work with simple solutions to develop, test and verify our products.


Core values

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Quality

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