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Correct, comfortable compression

The unique medical Lundatex® stocking provides safe, comfortable pressure at all times, whether at rest or when active, regardless of leg size/shape. The product is easy to put on and ensures a precise pressure at all times, even after oedema reduction.



The stocking provides compression that can be used for the following conditions or circumstances:

     - Venous insufficiency            - Post-thrombotic syndrome

     - Oedema                                 - Deep vein thrombosis

     - Lymphoedema                     - Burns

     - Venous leg ulcers                - Pregnancy

     - Mixed leg ulcers                   - Air travel

     - Varicose veins



Lundatex® stocking is made of soft, breathable, and skin-friendly materials, and is free from natural latex rubber.

Available in:

   - Class I, Mild (20 mmHg)

   - Class II, Moderate (30 mmHg)

   - Class III, Strong (40 mmHg)

“The stocking, with specified pressure 18-20 mmHg exerted well- defined target pressure. The pressure was uniform and showed low correlation to leg circumference (r=0.2) despite circumferences varying from 23 to 39.5 cm”


- Nilsson A, Lundh T, "A new stocking compression system with a low well-defined resting pressure and a high working pressure”, Veins & Lymphatics, volume 7:7628, 2018, pages 69-70.