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An innovative fastening device

MiniLock™ is an innovative fastening device that secures the bandage end of either the Lundatex® medical or Lundatex® system to the cuff of Lundatex® sock.


This ensures a reliable and skin-friendly fixture of the bandage to the sock to achieve the same degree of foot compression as one would enjoy using Lundatex® medical or Lundatex® system, without the worry of bandage slippage at the foot.


MiniLock™ is made of a skin-friendly hook-and-loop material. The device is washable and reusable.

View the instructional video for Lundatex® sock (to the right) for a demonstration on how to apply MiniLock™ in combination with Lundatex® medical.

Images, from left to right:

1.  Lundatex® sock coupled to the Lundatex® medical bandage using MiniLock™, as seen at the back of the ankle.

2. Lundatex® sock coupled to the Lundatex® system using MiniLock™, as seen at the back of the ankle and doubling as a patch-product.

3.  A sketch demonstrating the application of Lundatex® medical to a properly-placed MiniLock™ adhered to Lundatex® sock.

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