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A bandage for equestrian sport

Lundatex® horse is the same concept as Lundatex® medical bandage, provided with lines for how to wrap the product on the horse's legs.  The special properties of the material in the bandage are desirable in a product suited for horses, and there is currently no product on the market with a similar print on the textile to offer guidance on proper application.


Horses are wrapped for different needs and, thus, the product needs to be developed to meet these requirements. For example, a product that is intended to be used during riding needs to withstand reuse, laundry and the stable environment, whereas a product used by a veterinarian for wound treatment would have much different requirement specifications. A lower pressure would be suitable to prevent swelling and damage, which can be used during riding, when standing in the box or during transport, and one with a higher pressure would be suitable to treat injuries, swelling or wounds in a clinical setting.


PressCise has evaluated bandage prototypes of pressures 30, 40 and 50 mmHg in various settings. The lower pressures of 30 and 40 mmHg were used during riding as support bandages, and the higher pressure of 50 mmHg was used to reduce swelling post-injury. Initial feedback was very positive, that the lines made the bandage easy and safe to apply.

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