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A new compression system for active patients

Lundatex® stocking system comprises of Lundatex® stocking, PressPatchTM and FixPatchTM. It differs from the Lundatex® system in that a stocking is used instead of a bandage.


In addition to improving the function of the calf muscle pump, venous return, and sustaining a precise pressure over time, the compression system applies a well-defined resting pressure regardless of the circumference of the leg. A stocking-based compression system removes the problem with possible bandage slippage on the foot, as sometimes seen during compression treatment of highly active patients. This indicates that a limited number of stocking sizes may cover the whole range of leg sizes, and that custom fitting will not be required.


Subjects in a clincal study found the stocking easy to put on. A probable reason for this is the high elasticity of the stocking. The high elastic properties may also allow for easy donning over wound dressings (grafted and un-grafted patients). Therefore, the system may improve compression therapy for patients with oedema and/or venous leg ulcers.

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