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September 12-16, 2022:

UIP World Congress of Phlebology,
Istanbul, Turkey

PressCise management will be attending the World Congress of the International Union of Phlebology (UIP), where CEO Andreas Nilsson, Ph.D will present an abstract entitled:

       "Avoid Inconclusive Outcomes from Compression Studies"
                       Tuesday, September 13, 2022 / 13:30-15:00
                     Abstract Session 3 [English], Sagalassos Hall

Let us know if you will also be in attendance by emailing us at!

For more information about the event, including information on Dr. Nilsson's presentation, please visit the event website at

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Latest news: 2022

May 2022

PressCise is listed on IVA's Top 100 List 2022!

PressCise was listed on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science's (IVA) Top 100 List of companies judged to be employing technology in the service of humanity for commercial benefit and societal impact.

You can read more about IVA on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science's website here: 

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April - May 2022

PressCise is back on the road! Management attends various global conferences

As the world has begun to open back up in post-Covid times, PressCise's management team has been able to hit the road again and attend various international conferences this spring.  


Among them were the SSiS Wound Conference (Gävle, Sweden; April 2022), OTWorld Trade Show (Leipzig, Germany; May 2022), ECoP: European College of Phlebology Course (Amsterdam, Netherlands; May 2022) and the ICC Meeting (Amsterdam, Netherlands; May 2022).

We're so excited for the 2022 event calendar that lies ahead. Check out our upcoming event schedule if you'd like to meet up!!


February 2022

PressCise presents at WUWHS 2022!

PressCise's CEO Andreas Nilsson, Ph. D and professor Torbjörn Lundh will be giving an in-person presentation entitled, "SELF-CARE AND FITTING OF NEW ‘SMART-TEXTILE’ 
at the WUWHS 2022 Hybrid-Congress in Abu Dhabi from 1-5 March.  The presentation itself takes place in the block of time between 2:30-3:45pm on Wednesday, March 2.

We hope to see you there!

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February 2022

PressCise adds another patent to its portfolio!

PressCise's Lundatex® medical bandage is now patent-protected in the EU under the filing Elastic bandage and textile material for use in such an elastic bandage (Patent no. WO 2015/007335), described in part as "An elastic bandage...enabling the bandage to be applied with improved ease, predictability and controllability, even on body parts having variable circumference."


May 2022

PressCise presents at EWMA 2022

PressCise CEO Andreas Nilsson, Ph.D gave two presentations at the European Wound Management Association's 2022 conference.  The presentations were entitled:

1. "Compression treatment with controlled pressure in combination with novel wound dressing may improve patient self-care and reduce hospital visits"  

2. "Feasability study with a new microtransplant device and controlled compression treatment"


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