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How to buy

How and where to buy our products

PressCise's revolutionary products can be accessed through the distribution channels of our team at Wernli AG.


You can contact Wernli AG in the following ways:

Tel: +41 62 785 60 00


Web:  Wernli AG - Contact


The Lundatex® Stocking can be purchased within Sweden on the NeSve webshop!

You can visit the NeSve webshop at

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Interested in buying/distributing?

Let us know below!

”It was estimated that the number of visits to the clinic was reduced by >50% using treatment due to choice of a wound dressing that could stay on for an extended period of time in combination with the compression technology that did not require re-fitting or

District Nurse using Lundatex® medical and EpiProtect® wound dressing, Linköping, Sweden

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