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How to buy

How and where to buy our products

Patients around the globe are now able to access PressCise's revolutionary products through our distributors.


If we're not present in your country, and you're interested in purchasing our products, please send an inquiry to

The Netherlands


Excen is our distributor in The Netherlands. The company will be selling our Lundatex® medical and Lundatex® system products.


Contact Excen for more information on how to buy our products in The Netherlands.


ViTri Medical is our distributor in Sweden. ViTri Medical have a full range of wound care products in their own brand which they sell to the Swedish health care sector.


Contact ViTri Medical for further information on how to buy our products in Sweden.

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Gloria Med is our distributor in Italy. Gloria has over a century of experience focusing on the compression therapy industry.


Contact Gloria Med for more information on how to buy our products in Italy.


Ozmedix are selling our medical range in Australia. Ozmedix portfolio includes wound treatment products; skin grafting instruments, microporous membranes and compression garments.


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