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Our products

Lundatex® System Cohesive provides a low, safe resting pressure and a high, effective working pressure. The bandage component has a cohesive coating to prevent slippage. It is especially suitable for patients with an active lifestyle. 

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Lundatex® Bandage Cohesive is an innovative elastic bandage with a cohesive coating to help prevent bandage slippage. The bandage is especially suitable for persons with an active lifestyle.

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Lundatex® Sock can be used on its own or in combination with Lundatex® Bandage Cohesive or System Cohesive to achieve different results.

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Lundatex® Stocking provides safe, comfortable pressure at all times, whether at rest or when active, regardless of leg size/shape.  It is easy to put on and ensures a precise pressure even after oedema reduction.

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PressLock® is a new fastening device which ensures a reliable and skin-friendly closure of the bandage end. The product is made of a hook-and-loop material and is reusable.

“The Lundatex® medical bandage, together with a good wound dressing and absorbent, is a ‘dream kit’ for wound healing.”


- District Nurse using Lundatex® medical and EpiProtect® wound dressing,

Linköping, Sweden

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