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A compression system developed for venous insufficiency and leg ulcers

“The patient praised this product!”

- Nurse treating leg ulcer patient at Skövde wound center, Sweden

The Lundatex® System Cohesive provides a low, safe resting pressure and a high, effective working pressure. This enhances the calf muscle's pumping function, therefore improving the venous return and ejection fraction. The cohesive bandage component of the system helps prevent bandage slippage, and is especially suitable for persons with an active lifestyle.


The cohesive bandage has longitudinal markings for correct overlap and transverse markings for correct amount of material for each turn around the leg. The markings function as a guide for how the bandage should be applied. If the markings are followed, the bandage provides a precise pressure, with a standard deviation of 2mmHg from the target pressure. The system can also be used on patients with mixed ulcers due to the low resting pressure. ​​


The system provides compression that can be used for the following conditions or circumstances:


        - Venous insufficiency                        - Post-thrombotic syndrome       

        - Oedema                                             - Venous leg ulcers                       

        - Lymphoedema                                 - Mixed leg ulcers

        - Deep vein thrombosis                     - Varicose veins

How the device works:

The underlying Lundatex® Bandage Cohesive provides a safe and well-defined resting pressure of 20 mmHg. The PressPatch™ adheres to the bandage material without adding pressure in the resting position. However, when the patient is standing or walking, the PressPatches™ create a stiff layer, providing a high effective working pressure of >40 mmHg. 


FixPatch™ is used to close the system in the front, and is developed for the maintenance of pressure over time. This is easily done before bed rise every morning, simply by opening up and closing the FixPatch™ in the front. By opening the front, the surrounding PressPatches™ adapt to the changes in limb size, hence they provide a consistent pressure also over time.

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