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A bandage for the most active of lifestyles

PressCise has conducted R&D and prototype development of compression products for the athletics segment that seek to optimize self-management therapy for optimal treatment of indications ranging from pre- to post-injury, with performance enhancement and prevention also in mind.


The Lundatex® sport bandage is based on the design of the Lundatex® medical bandage, however, it would need to be available in different pressure levels: a lower pressure for support and post-treatment of injuries, and a higher  pressure for the acute treatment of injuries such as sprains and twists. The bandage will also need to be washable and more durable to accommodate the wear and tear of sport and heavy usage.


PressCise has evaluated bandage prototypes of pressures 30, 40 and 50 mmHg for acute treatment of sport-related injuries (sprains and strains) related to football (soccer) and kickboxing. We have received initial positive feedback, especially on the guidelines that make bandage application easier for lay people. Prototypes of both a sleeve and a stocking for the lower leg for use in the sport segment have also been tested on athletes.

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