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An innovative cohesive bandage that delivers a precise pressure

“I feel so good! No itching, no heaviness, no swelling with a tightness feeling. The skin on the leg is soft and smooth - not flaky and dry anymore! When I compare traditional compression products with Lundatex® Bandage, the difference is like 'night and day.'"

- Patient self-treating a small leg ulcer, Sweden

The Lundatex® Bandage Cohesive is an elastic bandage with a cohesive coating to help prevent bandage slippage. The bandage is especially suitable for persons with an active lifestyle.


The cohesive bandage has longitudinal markings for correct overlap and transverse markings for correct amount of material for each turn around the leg. The markings function as a guide for how the bandage should be applied. If the markings are followed, the bandage provides a precise pressure, with a standard deviation of 2mmHg from the target pressure. 



The Lundatex® Bandage Cohesive bandage provides compression that can be used for the following conditions or circumstances:


     - Venous insufficiency                         - Venous leg ulcers

     - Oedema                                              - Mixed leg ulcers     

     - Lymphoedema                                  - Varicose veins

     - Deep vein thrombosis                      - Direct trauma to the limb, such as from

     - Post-thrombotic syndrome               sport-related injuries 

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Compression level – 20 mmHg

The bandage provides a lighter compression and can be used as support, for example, after treatment of muscle injuries to increase the venous circulation at minor varices (varicose veins), or postoperatively.



The bandage is made of breathable and skin-friendly materials, and is free from natural latex rubber.

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“This study shows, for the first time, how an elastic

compression material can exert a consistent pressure

independently of the leg "shape and the ability of

healthcare providers."

-Mosti G, Partsch H, “A New Two Component Compression System Turning an Elastic Bandage into an Inelastic

Compression Device: Interface Pressure, Stiffness, and Haemodynamic Effectiveness”, European Journal of

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 2017, pages 1-6,

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